Radio Active Today #18

Just a quick update and news about the show

Radio Active Today #17

The Uranium One story isn’t going away though I am sure Hillary Clinton wishes it would. News broke today that the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee are responsible for the Russian dossier but there was also news that a “secret” Republican was also paying him to learn about Trump’s business activities. This is being sold as a distraction from the Trump collusion with the Russians, however, the proof of a Clinton connection is much stronger than anything connecting President Trump to the Russian.

The White House announces that after telling us all 3,000 pages with the JFK assassination would be released they said that only 2,800 pages would be released. They are citing National Security and I want to know how something that happened 54 years ago could be a danger to our national security. I think it’s about time that the American people see what really happened to their president why is it still so secretive and will we ever learn about it?

Plus we touch on some entertainment news with Ashley Judd talking about Harvey Weinstein and her experience with him though we aren’t sure what took her so long and why she waited so long to talk about it since she is so open about her assault and was quick to protest the president. We are not blaming her or calling her a liar we are just curious why she decided to talk now.

Radio Active Today #16

Yet again more information with the Uranium One deal with Hillary Clinton and more information on who really had connections to Russia.

Radio Active Today #15

On today’s show, we talk about Uranium One the company that owns uranium mines in the United States and why that’s not a good thing for Americans but a great thing for the Russians. The Clintons may be implicated in this purchase as well and the Obama administration silenced a witness and a whistleblower on this by putting them in a gag order and non-disclosure. Why put the person in a non-disclosure if there is no wrongdoing?

I also take time out at the beginning of the show the say that my last podcast may have come off like I was blaming the widow of Sargent Johnson which is not what I was doing. I do apologize if my words and my talking points seem like that is what I was doing. I was angry and in the moment I was not thinking. I do believe in owning what you say so that is what I am doing. I am not apologizing for what was said but how it could be interpreted.

All this and more on today show!

Radio Active Today #14

Radio Active Today Podcast #13

Today I talk about the hate thats going on towards President Trump as well as touch on other issues from the news.

Radio Active Today Podcast #12

Racism in America daily again and why? Virgina is the melting pot now. What I say on this episode does not mean I am condoning racism in any way. I am COMPLETELY against racism in anyway or form.

Radio Active Today Podcast #11

A rare Saturday post that will probably not make any sense because I just did it in the heat of the moment after the events of the Virginia. I am NOT in anyway agreeing with what happened I am just speaking from the heart and that might get lost.

Radio Active Today Podcast #10

Yes I know we skipped #9 I did a number 9 episode and it was crap so this is number 10 get over it. Today we talk about North Korea wanting to kills us all not just Americans and Ashley Judd goes crazy and on a rant over something that happens millions of times a day. That and more today!

Radio Active Today Podcast #8

Aggressive vegans who harass and hold hostage kids at a Chic-Fil-A and more