Radio Active Today Podcast #12

RacismĀ in America daily again and why? Virgina is the melting pot now. What I say on this episode does not mean I am condoning racism in any way. I am COMPLETELY against racism in anyway or form.

Radio Active Today Podcast #11

A rare Saturday post that will probably not make any sense because I just did it in the heat of the moment after the events of the Virginia. I am NOT in anyway agreeing with what happened I am just speaking from the heart and that might get lost.

Radio Active Today Podcast #10

Yes I know we skipped #9 I did a number 9 episode and it was crap so this is number 10 get over it. Today we talk about North Korea wanting to kills us all not just Americans and Ashley Judd goes crazy and on a rant over something that happens millions of times a day. That and more today!

Radio Active Today Podcast #8

Aggressive vegans who harass and hold hostage kids at a Chic-Fil-A and more

Radio Active Today Podcast #7

We touch on the Donald Trump Jr. Emails, a woman who is only getting probation after sexually assaulting a woman and the Frat Brothers death of a Pledge and more.

Radio Active Today Podcast #6

A brief podcast about several different things from the Fox Business News scandal and the Canadian government paying a terrorist!

Radio Active Today Podcast #5

So there is this big CNN GIF War going on all thanks to our President we talk about the Police Officer that was shot in New York as well touch on baby #CharlieGard and today we give you an opinion on something we feel needs to be said.

Radio Active Today Episode #4

We talk about something that has me a little worried when it comes to the internet because of these recent terrorist attacks and will touch on what candidate Trump spoke about including “Shutting down and controlling the internet” and so much more including updates on the recent attacks in London.

Radio Active Today Episode #3

The third podcast in our new series with breaking news about the Manchester bombings and more.