Radio Active Today #15

On today’s show, we talk about Uranium One the company that owns uranium mines in the United States and why that’s not a good thing for Americans but a great thing for the Russians. The Clintons may be implicated in this purchase as well and the Obama administration silenced a witness and a whistleblower on this by putting them in a gag order and non-disclosure. Why put the person in a non-disclosure if there is no wrongdoing?

I also take time out at the beginning of the show the say that my last podcast may have come off like I was blaming the widow of Sargent Johnson which is not what I was doing. I do apologize if my words and my talking points seem like that is what I was doing. I was angry and in the moment I was not thinking. I do believe in owning what you say so that is what I am doing. I am not apologizing for what was said but how it could be interpreted.

All this and more on today show!